Airport Henri Coanda has short-term and long-term parking. The timing and the payment for parking is calculated using tokens – entering passing through barrier and machine from which the token is taken. Before leaving, with this token the time and the price are calculated from machine or at a desk with an employee. Once the parking is paid, you can go out passing another barrier and machine after placing paid token inside.


Short-term parking – the price is 3 lei for 30 minutes stay. If the entry is paid immediately, the initial stay increased to 45 minutes. Long-term parking – the price depends on the days, more days stay, lower price per day. It is charged for 24 hours and started day. For 1 day the price is 40 lei, for 15 days the price is 230 lei, for 30 days the price is 380 lei.


Without token cannot get out of the parking lot. Lost token for parking should be paid. The cost of a lost token is 500 lei.

International airport Henri Coanda (international designations – IATA: OTP and ICAO: LROP) is one of the most modern in Eastern Europe and consequently the largest airport in Romania. Located in the town of Otopeni, about 15-20 km. from the center of Bucharest. The number of people traveling through the airport has steadily increased and in 2015 passed through the airport are over 9.2 million passengers. Over the past 20 years the airport is upgraded in several stages, such as planned last stage towards 2022 should have built another terminal.


Airport Henri Coanda Otopeni has one terminal with two sectors – Arrivals and Departures. Departures sector is on one level, with a few lines of check-in counters. Also there are several cafes and exchange points. Arrivals sector is on two levels, each with three lanes for luggage – the lower level belts are number 4, 5 and 6; the upper level belts are number 1, 2 and 3. The upper level also has a cafe and information center. Both sectors are associated with hot connection in which there are several exchange offices, bank offices, toilets and others.


The airport can be reached by regular public transport – buses number 780 and 783. There is a project according to which by 2018 should be build a relationship with the subway in Bucharest. From 2012 in sector Arrivals there is a terminal through which can be ordered a cab. From 2016 in front of the airport can be rented free a taxi with fixed tariffs.

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